Seattle Times: Humor and horror bubble up together in Annex’s ‘Scary Mary’
"Scary Mary” is propelled along by the singular directorial vision of Eddie DeHais, who excels at creating striking tableaux and evoking remarkably tactile worlds with a combination of ordinary objects and intricate puppets (designed by Ben Burris and Zane Exactly)... Design elements are not an afterthought here. DeHais also masterminded the set, an eye-catching arrangement of menacingly canted bookshelves full of little surprises. "

City Arts: Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine
"A marvelously quirky, sometimes intense adventure that pulls you into a shadowy and fantastical realm of unlikely characters and visual spectacles, trials, allies and mortal foes."

Miryam Gordon: Wacky and ominous, "Scary Mary's" vigorous production is well worth visiting
A vigorous, inventive and visually stimulating show has just opened at Annex Theatre. Director Eddie DeHais and their team of enthusiastic actors and technicians are pulling out all the stops they can for Scary Mary and the Nightmares Nine, a new play by Amy Escobar.

Broadway World: BIG BAD is Brechtian, Bloody, and Breathtaking
"An empowering, hypothetical thought experiment where the women in Little Red Riding Hood (and the generations of women before them) get to tell their side of the story. But it does so in a way that's poetic, poignant, and macabre. Ebbing and flowing from one form of expression to the next, it's impossible to tell where the artifice ends and reality begins. It's abstract but powerful, delicate but foreboding. It's performance art without an iota of self-congratulation... I want to keep this brief for two reasons: because I was too enthralled to take proper notes, and it's creativity is ineffable. This is the kind of theatre we all need right now. I give "The Big Bad" 5/5 stars."

Seattle Times: ‘Mad Scientist Cabaret’ is a Lovable Freak Show
"Director DeHais and the cast have created a fully formed piece of theater that’s as thoughtful as it is funny. Initially, it seems like aggressive mischief is all these characters have to offer, but some segments smuggle in an unexpected dose of poignancy, like Alyza Delpan-Monley’s longing ballet routine, accompanied by transparent heart, lungs and arms puppets — just some of the meticulously designed props from Zane Exactly... the show approaches the anarchic comic genius of Monty Python"

Production still BIG BAD.
Zane Exactly & Little White (also designed by Exactly).
Photo by Joe Iano.