An epic original a capella science-fiction musical by Scotto Moore about imperialism and genocide with a cast of almost entirely womxn and trans performers.

Winner of the 2018 Gregory Award for Best New Play!


Merging dance, theater, and clown with a special blend of macabre hilarity, Into the Deeps explores the rise and fall of aquatic society by diving into the depths of the ocean to create a gut-wrenching spectacle the likes of which you've never seen. 


After a sold-out run during Cafe Nordo's inaugural Pressure Cooker, this poetic new play was remounted as the mainstage show for Cafe Nordo's 2017 Summer Season.

It's the Devil's last night on Earth, and she and her cohorts titillate, beguile, and entertain their guests with stories of the Devil's greatest triumphs and darkest secrets, featuring live music, dancing, and a southern-inspired four course meal.


All photos by Joe Iano, Joe Iano Photography.

This nightmarish and fantastical play launched Annex Theatre's 30th Season, as one of Annex’s most ambitious projects ever.

Scary Mary” is propelled along by the singular directorial vision of Eddie DeHais, who excels at creating striking tableaux and evoking remarkably tactile worlds with a combination of ordinary objects and intricate puppets

When a drop of Mary’s blood falls down down down to the center of the Earth, something Evil and Ancient wakes up in the shadows, and now the horrors of the dark have a taste for her. This hilarious and hallucinatory fairy tale creeps, crawls, and catapults its way through the bizarre landscape of the imagination as Mary fights for her very life amidst the ever-encroaching darkness.

Nominee for the 2017 Gregory Awards: Best New Play, and Best Ensemble


Photos by Joe Iano.


Inspired by Little Red Riding Hood, this play asks: What makes a wolf? What makes a woman? And what horrors lie between? BIG BAD is a hilarious and hungry powerhouse of a piece that dares to throw us into the dark and dangerous forest where fantasy and family collide and consume one another.


All photos by Joe Iano, Joe Iano Photography.

“[D]irector DeHais and the cast have created a fully formed piece of theater that’s as thoughtful as it is funny. Initially, it seems like aggressive mischief is all these characters have to offer, but some segments smuggle in an unexpected dose of poignancy… The show approaches the anarchic comic genius of Monty Python.”  -Seattle Times


Seven nightmarish creatures created by a wayward scientist embark on a madcap adventure into the weird and wonderful world of Mad Science! Bound by their own bizarreness, they toil through titillating torments, physical feats, and extravagant experiments as they seek to discover the truth to their own monstrosity and humanity.

Comic mayhem and visual spectacle collide in a jam-packed journey into insanity that walks the line of horror and humor. Clowning, dance, puppetry, and more come together in this playfully audacious piece.


All photos by Ian Johnston, DangerPants Photography.