I am a collaborative director, writer, choreographer, designer, and visual artist. I strive to unify all elements of theater in a complete emotional and physical journey, to make epic, transformational experiences. Radical empathy is an integral part of my process, and I strive to challenge the expectations of what theater can do by making space where artists and audiences alike can feel empowered and form human connections.  My conviction is that active and engaging storytelling provokes an indelible experience that changes lives.

Eddie is the kind of director who asks you to walk off a cliff in the name of making good theater, which seems like a bad idea until you realize that it’s an invitation to fly.

I galvanize people. My greatest skill lies in empowering others to access their potential. I believe that great art originates from collaboration, tenacious curiosity, and the willingness to play and take risks. I believe that creating equity in the artistic process forges a powerful community that is capable of addressing social and political conflicts on an extremely human-scale, creating immediate and relevant work that confronts social norms, challenges expectations, and changes people.


I am always working on numerous projects, whether as a director, choreographer, writer, performer, or designer.
Currently in development is DangerSwitch!'s Into the Deeps at Theater Off Jackson and Sundown at the Devil's House at Cafe Nordo! Check out what I'm currently working on, and information on how you can see it.


Check out images and reviews of shows that I have already worked on! If you're interested in producing any of these plays for a remount, feel free to contact me!


I am the Founding Artistic Director of DangerSwitch!, a multidisciplinary physical theater ensemble with an urgent need to investigate storytelling through collaboration, experimentation, and risk. We aim to create magical, meaningful, transportive work using clown, dance, puppetry and more, resulting in a special blend of comic hilarity and stark humanity.


I am 1/3 of the movement creation team that is Table Flip. We are physical theater artists, fighters, dancers, and clowns. We believe in personal and artistic growth through cultivating a relationship with all forms of movement. We believe that storytelling lives in the body, and we seek to enrich others’ ability to discover and articulate by creating applicable tools and methods to physicalize those stories.

Eddie DeHais’ direction is exquisite. You do not see it or notice it so much as feel it moving everything forward: Story, tech, people all moving forward towards an uncertain future.
— Joe Zavadil

Production Still: Sundown at the Devil's House.
Christine Shaw White and Alyza DelPan-Monley.
Photo by Joe Iano.

Production still Mad Scientist Cabaret.
Marcus Gorman.
Photo by Ian Johnston

This kind of show - non-realistic, immediate, entirely in & of its necessary medium - should be more common. But this quality of show will always be rare; this much time, attention, and heart isn’t easily or frequently poured into a piece to this effect. [The performers] put all the humor, precision, pathos, and vulnerability on stage that they can muster, directed with characteristically vivid urgency and atomic-clock-timing by Eddie DeHais.

Production Still: BIG BAD. Marcus Gorman, Alyza DelPan-Monley, Jordan Moeller, and Jessica Stepka. Photo by Joe Iano.